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Let's Save Lives Together!

Sometimes 200 words are just not enough to really share your message.  Below is much greater detail of our plan to change the world and save a million Canadian lives this year! 

Don't you want to help save a MILLION LIVE'S? 

Tell us your story. What led you to start your business?

I am a paramedic who loves helping people.  I also suffer from a medical condition called sleep apnea (Which is a condition where I stop breathing 100’s of times every night).  This condition is easily treatable with a machine called a CPAP machine, which maintains my airway while I sleep protecting me from having a stroke, heart attack or dying in my sleep.

The current system for treatment for sleep apnea requires the patient to visit a CPAP retailer to get their equipment and supplies, but there are millions of patients who are disabled, in financial hardship, or lack transportation making it is impossible for them to get the treatment they need because they cannot physically or financially get to the retailer.  Unfortunately, I meet these patients every day because the inability to get proper care negatively impacts their health, and many of them have major life-threatening events forcing them to call 911 for their medical emergencies.

Because of the sadness and heartbreak I experienced seeing those with disabilities or financial hardships suffering life-threatening medical emergencies, I felt compelled to create a company that serves these “forgotten” individuals.  The solution was simple… we bring the store to them.  With special trucks completely outfitted with all the equipment and supplies necessary, we visit the patients in their homes, provide the best treatment possible in a private setting the patient is most comfortable in, and can make sure everyone gets the treatment they need… Because when you put the patient’s needs first, everybody wins!


What are your business goals over the next 6 to 12 months?


Our ability to provide treatment to the patient has been perfected, but we want to improve our technology.  Currently, we manage each patient with paper files and want to move towards an electronic record-keeping system.  The benefits of this are two-fold.  First, it will allow us to better serve the patients we currently have but making everything easily accessible electronically and remotely, so we can improve the efficiency in which we serve our current patients.

Even more importantly, an electronic record-keeping system will allow us to operate more effectively and save money in administrative and operational costs.  These savings would be used to provide even more services to the under-served population, allowing us to deliver better service to those who are disabled, handicapped, in financial hardship or lack transportation.

The mission to serve those with physical, emotional or financial disabilities comes from my passion to serve the patient first, and to always put the patient before profits.  If you put the patient first, and provide exceptional patient care, the profits will always come.  Establishing an effective electronic record-keeping system will not only allow us to deliver better patient care, but it will also allow us to become more profitable.  



We need to expand because we love to save lives.  There are millions of Canadians who need treatment but are unable to get it.  We would like to systematically expand across Ontario in the next 12 months, allowing us to provide treatment to more patients who are disabled, handicapped or in financial hardship. The benefit of serving the patient in their home allows us to grow without much risk because we avoid the cost of high-profile retail space, and instead invest our profits in effective marketing to capture new patients.  This cost-effective growth strategy means we can hire clinicians who can work from home, visit their patients in their coverage area, and allows us to be very efficient in our operations.


The number of Canadian’s with sleep apnea is estimated at 5.4 million people.  Of these, about 750,000 have disabilities and are unable to get to a traditional brick-and-mortar location.  Because sleep apnea also impacts the quality of life, many sufferers of sleep apnea are in financial hardship or lack transportation.  And finally there are many that do not live near a brick-and-mortar location and so getting their supplies is extremely inconvenient. However, regardless of the reason, millions of Canadians every year either compromise their care or receive no care at all.  We want to visit these patients in their homes, making care easy and efficient, and in doing so are striving to save a million lives this year.  


How will $100,000 help you achieve these goals?

The $100,000 will help us improve the treatment we can provide to our patients in many ways. 

Way 1: There are currently record management systems for other healthcare industries, but there are none designed around our industry.  With $100,000 we will be able to work with these software developers to modify current software so it specifically services our company, allowing us to become more efficient and thus help more patients live better lives.

Way 2: With $100,000 we could expand more rapidly, and save more lives.  Part of this money would be used to hire a recruitment specialist, who could recruit and train new clinicians in new markets across Ontario.  Hiring more clinician’s will allow us to save more lives, and every day we wait means more unnecessary suffering to those with sleep apnea who lack the ability to get the care they need. 

With your help, you can help save a million lives this year!

How is your business making an impact on the community?

Positive Impact #1: IMPROVING HEALTH!

We are already providing treatment to patients who prior to us were unable to get the care they needed.  We have helped many patients avoid life-threatening medical emergencies including death, by providing those who need treatment with a way to get treatment.


By proactively being able to treat any patient with sleep apnea by removing the obstacle’s preventing treatment, we are reducing the number of people at risk for heart attacks, strokes, migraines, pulmonary edema, hypertension, and cardiac arrest.  With this reduction in medical emergencies through proper treatment, this means fewer calls to 911, a decrease in the number of patients having to go to emergency rooms, and a general overall improvement in health decreasing the need to visit clinic’s or doctor’s offices as frequently. 


It is cheaper to treat sleep apnea, then it is to treat the medical emergencies caused by not treating it.  With proper treatment, less patient’s call 911, fewer patients need ambulances, and fewer patients go to the hospital.  When there are fewer medical emergencies, everyone benefits because with socialized medicine everyone pays for healthcare, and a reduction in healthcare costs means a reduction in taxes.

Positive Impact #4: SAVING LIVES!

Sleep Apnea can be deadly.  Untreated sleep apnea means people stop breathing 100’s of times a night.  The human body can only sustain this abuse for so long before it fails.  Properly treating sleep apnea results in fewer people dying in their sleep, as well as fewer people experiencing other medical emergencies (Such as Heart Attacks and Strokes) which eventually lead to premature death.

Positive Impact #5: A SAFER PLANET FOR ALL! 

Untreated sleep apnea can also lead to daytime fatigue.  This increases driving accidents causes carelessness in the workplace and can cause industrial incidents. There can impact us all, and put everyone’s (Including YOU) health and well-being at risk.  With proper treatment there is a significant reduction in all these risks, making the planet safer for everyone!